Mama Lucia's Pizza

Lucia's Pizza Company
St. Louis style thin crustSt. Louis, Missouri 63128-2032
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Mama Lucia's Pizza

"Taste is the true test.....and a matter of family honor"

It began as a labor of love, Mama Lucia Tumminello otherwise known as "Mama Lucia" baked homemade pizza for her children on "The Hill", St. Louis' famous Italian neighborhood.  When she baked pizza for the family, it wasn't just dinner, it was an event.  The pizza was so popular that other families asked her to make extra pizzas for their enjoyment.  As word spread, the demand grew and Lucia's Pizza had been discovered.

Even though she has traded her oven in the bungalow for big, new kitchens, she hasn't altered her homemade recipe, she simply hired more cooks.  The family's hard work and determination has brought Lucia's Pizza from Mama's kitchen to a legendary pizza business.

Mama Lucia's founding principal was people are willing to pay for an honest, well-topped homemade tasting pizza, and she was right!  Lucia's has shown steady growth since the day it was founded in 1981 and is now a regular item in some 300 St. Louis area supermarkets and convenience stores.  It is the number one "Off-Sale" frozen pizza in the market.
Mama Lucia's Pizza